Providence Christian College – Concrete Walkways and Footpaths

Sampson Concrete recently completed a remarkable project that involved pouring over 250 square meters of grey concrete footpaths and walkways for Providence Christian College in Perth. This project was both exciting and rewarding, as we witnessed the transformation of this educational space and envisioned the countless students who would benefit from these newly enhanced areas in their day-to-day learning.

This project marked another significant milestone for Sampson Concrete, aligning with our mission to provide top-quality concrete solutions to our clients. The Providence Christian College project highlights our commitment to excellence and our ability to contribute positively to the educational environment. We take immense pride in being part of such transformative endeavours.

This exciting development is being built by Castle Projects and Concity and beautifully illustrates what happens when functionality and aesthetics seamlessly come together.

Providence Christian College, a renowned educational institution in Perth, has long been dedicated to providing students with the best possible learning environment. As part of their commitment to excellence, the college embarked on an ambitious expansion and revamp project aimed at equipping their students with top-tier facilities. This transformational journey included the enhancement of outdoor spaces, particularly the playground area. In this article, we delve into how Providence Christian College took a significant step in improving the aesthetics and functionality of their school by introducing new concrete walkways.

The Planning and Vision

Every significant project begins with a vision, and Providence Christian College’s recent expansion was no exception. The school’s leadership, educators, and administrators meticulously planned and envisioned a bright future for their students. Their aim was clear: to create an atmosphere that fosters learning, growth, and community. This commitment to providing the best possible education experiences drove them to consider not only what goes on inside the classrooms but also how the outdoor areas contribute to a holistic learning environment.

The Need for Concrete Walkways

A crucial aspect of this vision was to address the need for enhanced walkways and footpaths in the school’s playground area. After thorough consideration, it was evident that concrete was the ideal choice. Its proven track record for resilience, ease of maintenance, and potential for creative designs made it the perfect solution for Providence Christian College.

Project Execution

To realise their vision, the school embarked on a project to create approximately 200 square meters of grey concrete walkways and footpaths in various parts of the campus. This project included areas in the playground and around new classrooms on the second level. The precise dimensions and contours of the pathways were meticulously planned to provide both an efficient flow and a visually appealing landscape.

Concrete pouring was a critical aspect of the project, and Providence Christian College opted for a combination of a concrete pump and a line pump. This method allowed for efficient and precise concrete placement over two days. The process was executed seamlessly, thanks to careful planning and the expertise of the teams involved.

Benefits and Aesthetics

The introduction of new concrete walkways at Providence Christian College has brought with it a multitude of benefits. These walkways have not only improved the functionality of the outdoor spaces but also enhanced the school’s overall aesthetics. The grey concrete complements the surrounding greenery and provides students with a safe and inviting environment to navigate. The clean lines and uniform surface create a sense of order and purpose, which is essential for any learning institution.

As the pathways flow through the playground and connect to the new classrooms on the second level, students have been provided with a better environment to socialise, exercise, and engage in outdoor learning activities. The concrete walkways create a sense of cohesion, connecting different parts of the campus seamlessly. Moreover, the new walkways are incredibly low-maintenance, allowing school administrators to focus on their primary goal—providing quality education.


The recent project at Providence Christian College is a testament to the school’s unwavering commitment to providing an excellent learning environment. The introduction of concrete walkways has not only improved the aesthetics and functionality of the school’s outdoor spaces but also contributed to a positive learning experience for the students. It reflects the college’s ongoing dedication to fostering a holistic educational environment that equips students for success.

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