Honed Concrete

Honed Concrete in Perth

Honed concrete refers to the level of grinding and polishing of the concrete surface. The more the concrete surface is ground the smoother the end result.

The concrete honing process removes the top surface of the concrete by cutting the aggregate and grinding the concrete surface with progressively finer abrasives. By grinding and polishing the concrete surface, the aggregates in the concrete are exposed giving a smooth, decorative and wear-resistant surface.

Honed concrete, sometimes referred to as two cut & seal, is a great look for outside areas like patio & alfresco areas, paths and around pools. The exposed stone looks fantastic, while the slightly rough texture adds a safety feature, giving grip for when the area gets wet. Highly polished concrete floors are better suited for indoor areas in both residential and commercial spaces.

Here at Sampson Concrete, we pride ourselves on the highest quality workmanship and nowhere is this more evident than with the process of honing and polishing concrete floors.

Exposed honed concrete entrance
polished concrete floor

Honed Concrete Applications

Honed and polished concrete have fast become a popular and practical alternative to other more traditional floor finishes for both indoors and outdoors.

Polished concrete is perfect for residential and commercial applications; kitchens, dining rooms, hallways, shops, lobbies and all high traffic areas where you want to present a clean and aesthetic finish. Honed concrete is better suited to outside areas where a more non-slip surface is desired.

Both honed and polished concrete are extremely hard wearing and great looking, and pricewise compare favourably to carpet, tile and timber flooring finishes.

Of course, to get the most out of the process, it is important that a professional approach is taken. Sampson Concrete guarantee this for you. We follow the best practices and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Finishing the Concrete Surface

There’s a lot more to ending up with a beautiful polished concrete floor than just grinding a surface and applying a bit of sealer. The grinding and sealing process, equipment and products vary depending on the level of cutting and polishing required, and this can be determined by location, the age and condition of the concrete and of course, personal preference.

Not only do we have the experience to ensure you get the best result, but we make certain that we stay on top of all the latest developments, both in equipment and products used to assist in the concrete polishing process.

Concrete Colours Available in Perth:

While normal concrete mixes can be used, special aggregates are usually chosen to give a polished stone appearance. Hard aggregates such as quartz and igneous rocks like granite are most common. Or, for a traditional ‘Terrazzo’ finish, marble aggregates can be used.

There’s a wide range of colours, types (round or crushed), sizes, mineral content etc that you can choose depending on your desired outcome.

Slip resistance is very important for wet areas and by using the combination of the surface finish, texture and applied sealant, appropriate slip resistance can be archived.

Honed Concrete Gallery:

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