Grey & Coloured Concrete

Standard Grey Concrete

Standard grey concrete is an economical, strong and fire safe building material. Sampson Concrete is a concrete contractor in Perth who supplies and installs new concrete slabs for all types of construction projects.

  • Residential concrete uses
  • Concrete slabs, footings and driveways
  • Commercial Building Projects
  • Warehouses, showrooms and factories
  • Lightweight or structural concrete

Sampson Concrete are highly skilled, professional concreters in Perth. Give us a call to find out more about how we can help with your project.

Concrete slab for garage
coloured concrete

Coloured Concrete

You can use coloured concrete anywhere really, the options are limitless. You could also mix and match colours and textures for contrast and effect. We often use coloured concrete in the cement mixed with stone for exposed aggregate. The coloured concrete can have a significant effect on the overall finished result.

  • Community areas
  • Driveways
  • Floors & Walls
  • Landscaping & Outdoor areas
  • Parks, paths and walkways
  • Pool surrounds

Of course, to get the most out of the process, it is important that a professional approach is taken. Sampson Concrete guarantee this for you. We follow the best practices and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Coloured Concrete Colours

Coloured concrete mixes provide a fantastic architectural look. Normal concrete can be mixed with pigments to create a diverse range of coloured concrete. These pigments can also be used to create greater contrast when using stones and aggregates in the mix. The oxides don’t break down and are UV-resistant, so the colour stays as true. There are 62 standard colours, with 20 matched to Colorbond colours.

Colours show differently on computer screens and mobile devices. These image swatches should only be used as a guide. Plus, the naturally formed stones and other products used to produce our decorative concrete may create subtle variations in colour and composition. This makes each and every mix unique. All images are indicative only and there may be variations in shade, aggregate size and colour in each batch.